2024 ACC Football Transfer Portal Entries

By David Glenn
North Carolina Sports Network
(last updated April 30, 2024)

(NOTE: An updated version of this article can be found HERE.)

Thanks to the NCAA’s creation of the transfer portal in 2018, then the organization’s revolutionary 2021 rule change that allowed first-time transfers to be immediately eligible at their new school, the manner in which college football teams are built and sustained has changed dramatically.

The two teams in last year’s Atlantic Coast Conference football championship game, Florida State and Louisville, are the two teams that were most aggressive in the transfer portal during the 2022-23 cycle. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a majority of the Seminoles’ and Cardinals’ best players in 2023 had started their college careers elsewhere.

Adding talent is only part of wisely managing the transfer portal era, though. Coaches now spend countless hours trying to keep their own top talent, too.

In football, remember, NCAA rules provide for two transfer windows each year. For the 2023-24 cycle, the early window was Dec. 4, 2023, through Jan. 2, 2024. The late window, designed to follow spring practice, runs from April 16 through April 30 this year.

With that in mind, the ACC’s 2024 outgoing transfers, divided according to their contributions to the program they’re departing, are listed below.

Although each player’s situation is unique, generally speaking, schools aren’t concerned about losing little-used veterans or others buried on the depth chart. Often, those transfers can become win-win situations, in which the player finds more playing time elsewhere and the school he’s leaving now has one additional scholarship to offer to an incoming transfer or to a high school senior.

On the other hand, losing stars is almost always a bad sign. Losing productive starters is often (but not always) a cause for alarm, too.

So far in this year’s cycle, Duke has lost the most high-end talent, mostly in the immediate aftermath of second-year coach Mike Elko’s departure for Texas A&M. Boston College, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Miami, NC State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest have lost very productive starters, too.


Duke QB Riley Leonard, Sr. (2-year starter; 2022 HM All-ACC) — NOTRE DAME
Duke RB Jordan Waters, Gr. (2023 3rd-team All-ACC; 1,624 career rushing yards) — NC STATE
NC State CB Ayden White, Gr. (2023 3rd-team All-ACC; 2022 1st-team All-ACC) — (STAYING AT NC STATE)

Multi-Year Starters and ACC Honorees

Boston College RB Patrick Garwo III, Gr. (2021 2nd-team All-ACC; 1,912 career rushing yards) — NEVADA
Clemson WR Beaux Collins, Sr. (3-year starter; 1,290 career receiving yards) — NOTRE DAME
Clemson S Andrew Mukuba, Sr. (3-year starter; 2023 HM All-ACC) — TEXAS
Duke S Brandon Johnson, Sr. (2-year starter; 2022/2023 HM All-ACC) — OREGON
Duke LB Dorian Mausi, Gr. (3-year starter) — AUBURN
Duke DE RJ Oben, Gr. (3-year starter) — NOTRE DAME
Duke DT Aeneas Peebles, Gr. (2023 3rd-team All-ACC) — VIRGINIA TECH
Duke S Jaylen Stinson, Gr. (2-year starter) — (STAYING AT DUKE)
Georgia Tech DT D’Quan Douse, Gr. (20 career starts) — MICHIGAN STATE
Georgia Tech DE Kyle Kennard, Gr. (20 career starts) — SOUTH CAROLINA
Georgia Tech CB KJ Wallace, Gr. (19 career starts) — UCLA
Miami DT Jared Harrison-Hunte (22 career starts) — SMU
Miami RB Henry Parrish Jr., Gr. (2022 3rd-team All-ACC) — MISSISSIPPI
Miami WR/KR Brashard Smith, Sr. (2023 2nd-team All-ACC specialist; 10 career WR starts) — SMU
Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke, Gr. (3-year starter; 2021 ACC ROY) — WISCONSIN
Miami WR Colbie Young, Sr. (2-year starter; 930 career receiving yards) — GEORGIA
NC State NT/DE CJ Clark, Gr. (2-year starter; 23 career starts) — MIAMI
Pittsburgh LB Bangally Kamara, Gr. (2-year starter; 21 career starts) — SOUTH CAROLINA
Syracuse WR Damien Alford, Gr. (2-year starter; 18 career starts) — UTAH
Syracuse DT Kevon Darton, Gr. (2-year starter; 24 career starts) — ARIZONA
Wake Forest WR Jahmal Banks, Gr. (2022 HM All-ACC; 1,404 career receiving yards, 11 starts) — NEBRASKA
Wake Forest RB Justice Ellison, Gr. (2022 3rd-team All-ACC; 1,901 career rushing yards, 24 starts) — INDIANA

Other Regular Starters

Boston College WR Joseph Griffin Jr., Jr. (15 career starts)
Florida State LT Bless Harris, Gr. (14 career starts at Lamar/FSU) — TCU
Florida State LB DJ Lundy, Gr. (17 career starts) — (STAYING AT FSU)
Florida State CB Greedy Vance Jr., Gr. (14 career starts) — SOUTHERN CAL
Georgia Tech CB Kenan Johnson, Gr. (8 2023 starts) — UTAH
Louisville LB Jaylin Alderman, r-Jr. (14 career starts) — MIAMI
Louisville DE Tyler Baron, r-Sr. (10 2023 starts at Tennessee)
Louisville S Wesley Walker, r-Sr. (10 2023 starts at Tennessee)
North Carolina LT Diego Pounds, Jr. (8 2023 starts) — MISSISSIPPI
NC State WR/KR Julian Gray, r-Jr. (822 career KR yards) — LIBERTY
NC State S Jakeen Harris, Gr. (21 career starts; injured 2023) — NORTH CAROLINA
Pittsburgh LB Solomon DeShields (11 2023 starts) — TEXAS A&M
Pittsburgh LS Byron Floyd, Gr. (2-year starter) — BUFFALO
Pittsburgh DE Dayon Hayes, Gr. (12 2023 starts) — COLORADO
Pittsburgh DE Nate Temple, Gr. (8 2023 starts) — (STAYING AT PITT)
Syracuse DT Terry Lockett, r-Jr. (9 2023 starts) — JAMES MADISON
Virginia Tech TE Dae’Quan Wright, Jr. (6 2023 starts; 574 career receiving yards) — MISSISSIPPI
Wake Forest QB Mitch Griffis, Gr. (9 2023 starts) — MARSHALL
Wake Forest CB DaShawn Jones, r-Jr. (9 2023 starts)
Wake Forest WR/KR Ke’Shawn Williams, Gr. (1,385 career receiving yards; 12 2023 starts) — INDIANA

Part-Time Starters

Boston College PK Connor Lytton, r-Jr. (2-year starter; 2023 backup)
Boston College QB Emmett Morehead, r-Jr. (5 career starts)
Boston College DE Shitta Sillah, Gr. (12 career starts) — PURDUE
Clemson CB Toriano Pride Jr., Jr. (3 career starts) — MISSOURI
Duke OC Scott Elliott, Gr. (7  2023 starts)
Duke PK Charlie Ham, Gr. (3-year starter; 2023 backup) — GEORGIA
Duke RB Jaquez Moore, Sr. (1 career start, 1,121 career rushing yards) — (STAYING AT DUKE)
Florida State DT Dennis Briggs Jr., Gr. (10 career starts) — ILLINOIS
Florida State TE Preston Daniel, Gr. (4 career starts) — BUFFALO
Florida State TE Markeston Douglas, Gr. (5 career starts) — ARIZONA STATE
Florida State PK Tyler Keltner, Gr. (2x All-SoCon at ETSU; 2023 backup) — OKLAHOMA
Florida State DT Malcolm Ray, Gr. (7 career starts; 2023 backup) — RUTGERS
Florida State WR Winston Wright Jr., Gr. (16 career starts at WVU) — EAST CAROLINA
Georgia Tech QB Zach Gibson, Gr. (DNP in 2023; 16 career starts at Akron/GT) — GEORGIA STATE
Georgia Tech DE Eddie Kelly, Jr. (5 starts in 2023)
Georgia Tech OT Jakiah Leftwich, r-Jr. (8 career starts) — NORTH CAROLINA
Georgia Tech LB Trenilyas Tatum, Sr. (11 career starts) — (STAYING AT TECH)
Louisville WR Ahmari Huggins-Bruce, Sr. (1,121 career receiving yards, 9 starts) — SOUTH CAROLINA
Louisville S Josh Minkins Jr., Gr. (17 career starts, mostly in 2022) — WEST VIRGINIA
Miami QB Jacurri Brown, r-So. (3 career starts) — UCF
Miami LB Corey Flagg Jr., Gr. (23 career starts, mostly in 2021/2022) — MISSOURI
Miami DE Jahfari Harvey, Gr. (18 career starts, 10.5 sacks) — SMU
Miami WR Frank Ladson Jr., Gr. (17 career starts; 2023 backup) — UMASS
North Carolina PK Ryan Coe, Gr. (2023 starter before injury) — CALIFORNIA
North Carolina RB Elijah Green, Gr. (led UNC w/8 rushing TDs in 2022) — INDIANA
North Carolina CB Tayon Holloway, r-So. (6 2023 starts) — LOUISVILLE
North Carolina TE Kamari Morales, Gr. (started all 14 games in 2022) — BOSTON COLLEGE
NC State OC/OG Lyndon Cooper, r-Jr. (5 career starts) — PITTSBURGH
NC State RB Jordan Houston, Gr. (12 starts in 2022) — MARSHALL
NC State QB MJ Morris, r-So. (6 career starts) — MARYLAND
NC State TE Chris Toudle, Gr. (10 career starts) — WESTERN MICHIGAN
Pittsburgh DT DeAndre Jules, Gr. (6 career starts) — SOUTH CAROLINA
Pittsburgh P Sam Vander Haar, Jr. (2022 starter; DNP in 2023) — BRIGHAM YOUNG
Pittsburgh TE Karter Johnson, Gr. (6 career starts) — FLORIDA A&M
Pittsburgh QB Christian Veilleux, r-Jr. (5 career starts)
Syracuse S Myles Farmer, Gr. (16 career starts at Nebraska) — APPALACHIAN STATE
Syracuse LB Stefon Thompson, Gr. (20 career starts, mostly in 2020/2021) — NEBRASKA
Syracuse CB Jeremiah Wilson, Jr. (5 2023 starts) — HOUSTON
Virginia LB Langston Long, r-Jr. (7 career starts) — SOUTH FLORIDA
Virginia Tech CB Derrick Canteen, Gr. (3 2023 starts) — CINCINNATI
Virginia Tech WR Da’Wain Lofton, Sr. (12 career starts) — OKLAHOMA STATE
Wake Forest LS Jacob Zuhr, Gr. (27 career starts; 2023 backup) — SYRACUSE

Contributing Reserves

Boston College CB CJ Clinkscales, r-So. (2 career starts) — CHARLOTTE
Boston College RB Xavier Coleman, r-Jr. (1 career start) — LAMAR
Boston College TE Charlie Gordinier, Gr.
Boston College TE Hans Lillis, Gr. (2 career starts)
Boston College WR/PR Jaden Williams, Sr. (478 receiving yards) — TEXAS STATE
Clemson TE Sage Ennis, Gr. (2 career starts) — VIRGINIA
Clemson RT Mitchell Mayes, Gr. (4 career starts) — CHARLOTTE
Clemson WR Brannon Spector, Gr. (6 career starts) — JACKSONVILLE STATE
Clemson S Lannden Zanders, Gr. (DNP in 2022/2023; injured 2021; 9 starts in 2020)
Duke S Isaiah Fisher-Smith, Gr. (1 career start)
Duke S Da’Quan Johnson, Gr. (DNP in 2023; 3 career starts)
Duke DE Ryan Smith, Gr. (2 career starts) — (STAYING AT DUKE)
Florida State DE Gilber Edmond, Gr. (10 career starts at South Carolina) — SOUTH CAROLINA
Florida State RB/KR Rodney Hill, r-So. (334 rushing yards)
Florida State QB Tate Rodemaker, Gr. (901 career passing yards, 2 starts) — SOUTHERN MISS
Florida State OL Thomas Shrader, Gr. (1 career start) — APPALACHIAN STATE
Georgia Tech DE Noah Collins, Sr. (1 career start) — ARKANSAS STATE
Georgia Tech DB Khari Gee, r-Jr. (2 career starts)
Georgia Tech OL Paul Tchio, Gr. (2 career starts at Clemson/GT) — UMASS
Louisville OL Joshua Black, Gr. (1 career start) — GEORGIA STATE
Louisville LB Keith Brown, r-Jr. (3 career starts at Oregon) — WASHINGTON STATE
Louisville DT Jeff Clark, Gr. (2023 backup; standout at Georgia State) — ARIZONA STATE
Louisville OL John Paul Flores, Gr. (26 career starts at Dartmouth/UVa) — LIBERTY
Louisville OL Vincent Lumia, Gr. (26 career starts at Duquesne)
Louisville DT Tawfiq Thomas, Jr. (12 career tackles)
Miami CB Davonte Brown, Gr. (31 career starts at UCF) — FLORIDA STATE
Miami RB Don Chaney r-Jr., Sr. (2 career starts; 852 rushing yards) — LOUISVILLE
Miami CB Malik Curtis, Sr. (1 career start) — MISSISSIPPI VALLEY STATE
Miami OL Jonathan Denis, r-Jr. (2 career starts)
Miami DE Nyjalik Kelly, Jr. (3 career starts) — UCF
Miami DB Savion Riley, r-So. (2 career starts at Vandy)
Miami OL Logan Sagapolu, Gr. (1 career start) — WASHINGTON
Miami TE Jaleel Skinner, r-So. (2 career starts) — LOUISVILLE
Miami DE Jayden Wayne, So. (1 career start)
Miami DE Chantz Williams, Gr. (40 career tackles) — CHARLOTTE
North Carolina CB Lejond Cavazos, Gr. (2 career starts)
North Carolina RB/DB DJ Jones, Gr. (1 career start; 442 rushing yards) — WYOMING
NC State RB Michael Allen, Jr. (3 career starts) — UNLV
NC State RB Delbert Mimms III, Gr. (1 career start) — EASTERN MICHIGAN
NC State CB Cecil Powell, Gr. (5 career starts, all in 2020) — TROY
NC State WR Porter Rooks, Gr. (891 receiving yards) — EASTERN MICHIGAN
NC State TE Cedd Seabrough, r-Jr. (3 career starts) — WEST GEORGIA
NC State WR Anthony Smith, Gr. (243 receiving yards) — EAST CAROLINA
NC State WR Terrell Timmons Jr., Jr. (274 receiving yards) — COLORADO
Pittsburgh LB Brandon George, Gr. (117 career tackles) — (STAYING AT PITT)
Pittsburgh DE Samuel Okunlola, r-So. (2 career starts) — COLORADO
Syracuse S Aman Greenwood, Gr. (7 2020 starts)
Syracuse OL Wes Hoeh, r-Jr. (3 starts in 2022 at fullback) — CONNECTICUT
Syracuse LB Leon Lowery, Gr. (2 career starts) — WISCONSIN
Syracuse OL Joe More, Gr. (3-year starter at Richmond)
Syracuse RB Juwaun Price, Gr. (1 career start)
Virginia DT Olasunkonmi Agunloye, Gr. (1 career start)
Virginia OC/OG Jestus Johnson III, Gr. (1 career start) — DELAWARE STATE
Virginia WR Demick Starling, Gr. (4 career starts)
Virginia Tech RB/KR Chance Black, r-Jr. (1 career start)
Wake Forest TE Trey Boll, Gr. (1 career start)
Wake Forest WR Wesley Grimes, Jr. (2 career starts) — NC STATE
Wake Forest S Brendon Harris, Gr. (part-time starter at Vandy) — MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE
Wake Forest LB/DE Jaylen Hudson, Gr. (1 career start)
Wake Forest QB/ATH Santino Marucci, r-Jr. (1 career start)
Wake Forest S AJ Williams, Gr. (4 career starts) — COASTAL CAROLINA


Boston College RB Cam Barfield, r-So. — HAWAII
Boston College DE Josh Hardy, r-So. — NORTH CAROLINA A&T
Boston College RB Andre Hines, Gr. — WAGNER
Boston College WR Taji Johnson, Gr. — BUFFALO
Boston College QB Matthew Rueve, Gr.
Boston College DB Jason Scott, Gr. — DELAWARE
Boston College CB Alex Washington, Gr.
Clemson QB Hunter Helms, Gr. — RHODE ISLAND
Clemson DE Adam Kissayi, Fr. — MINNESOTA
Clemson DE David Ojiegbe, r-Fr. — PITTSBURGH
Clemson OT Zack Owens, r-Fr. — COLORADO
Clemson RB Domonique Thomas, r-Jr. — GEORGIA STATE
Duke CB Quentin Ajiero, r-Fr.
Duke WR Malik Bowen-Sims, Gr. — AUSTIN PEAY
Duke WR Apollos Cook, r-Fr.
Duke S River Hanson, r-Fr.
Duke OL Ethan Hubbard, r-Fr.
Duke OL Calib Perez, Gr.
Duke WR Hayes Sutton, Gr.
Duke WR Mehki Wall, r-So.
Duke CB Jaden Watkins, r-So.
Florida State DT Dylan Brown, Gr. (part-time starter at URI)
Florida State LB Dylan Brown-Turner, r-Fr. — UTEP
Florida State WR Joshua Burrell, r-Jr.
Florida State RB CJ Campbell Jr., r-Jr. — FLORIDA ATLANTIC
Florida State QB AJ Duffy, r-So. — SAN DIEGO STATE
Florida State DB Jaden Floyd, r-Jr.
Florida State WR Vandrevius Jacobs, r-Fr. — SOUTH CAROLINA
Florida State OL Colin King, r-So.
Florida State WR Goldie Lawrence, r-Fr. — UCF
Florida State OL Daughtry Richardson, r-So. — FLORIDA ATLANTIC
Florida State OL Qae’Shon Sapp, r-So. — EAST CAROLINA
Florida State DT Ayobami Tifase, r-So. — GEORGIA TECH
Georgia Tech DE Jack Barton, r-Sr. (Furman 2019-23)
Georgia Tech WR James BlackStrain, r-Jr.
Georgia Tech WR Justin Brown, r-Fr.
Georgia Tech S Sirad Bryant, r-Jr. — UAB
Georgia Tech OL Elias Cloy, r-Fr. — ALABAMA A&M
Georgia Tech DT Bryston Dixon, r-Fr. — SOUTH ALABAMA
Georgia Tech RB Jamie Felix, r-So. — (STAYING AT TECH)
Georgia Tech OL Gabe Fortson, r-Fr.
Georgia Tech OL Tyler Gibson, r-So. — CHARLOTTE
Georgia Tech OL Wing Green, Gr. — CAMPBELL
Georgia Tech LB Ashton Heflin, r-Fr. — MARSHALL
Georgia Tech DB Steven Jones Jr., r-Fr.
Georgia Tech WR Juju Lewis, r-So. — FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL
Georgia Tech LB Tyson Meiguez, Gr.
Georgia Tech DT Jason Moore, Gr. — TEMPLE
Georgia Tech DE Ezra Odinjor, r-Fr. — UAB
Georgia Tech DE Malcolm Pugh, r-Fr.
Georgia Tech DB Eric Reed Jr., r-Jr.
Georgia Tech DT Etinosa Reuben, Gr.
Georgia Tech CB Tyler Rowe, r-Fr.
Georgia Tech TE Aidan Semo, r-So.
Georgia Tech DT Ayobami Tifase, r-So.
Georgia Tech DB Kenyatta Watson II, Gr. — GEORGIA STATE
Louisville RB Mario Agyen, Gr.
Louisville RB Peny Boone, Sr.
Louisville DE Victoine Brown, r-Jr. — GEORGIA STATE
Louisville  OT Luke Burgess, r-Fr.
Louisville WR Kevin Coleman, Jr. — MISSISSIPPI STATE
Louisville DE Ryheem Craig, r-Jr. — EAST CAROLINA
Louisville WR Elijah Downing, r-Jr.
Louisville CB Derrick Edwards, r-Jr. — CHARLOTTE
Louisville WR William Fowles, r-Fr. — APPALACHIAN STATE
Louisville CB Marquis Groves-Killebrew, r-So. — ARIZONA
Louisville LB Jackson Hamilton, r-Jr. — GEORGIA TECH
Louisville DE Yirayah LaNier, r-So. (DNP in 2023)
Louisville DT Jermayne Lole, r-Sr. — OKLAHOMA
Louisville RB Thane Martin Jr., r-Fr.
Louisville DE Rodney McGraw, r-Jr. — WESTERN MICHIGAN
Louisville RB Kaden Moorman, r-Fr.
Louisville OL Izaiah Reed, r-So.
Louisville OL Sam Secrest, r-So.
Louisville OT Reuben Unije, Gr.
Louisville DB Marcus Washington, r-So.
Louisville DE Popeye Williams, r-Jr. — WESTERN MICHIGAN
Louisville DE Kameron Wilson, Gr. — CINCINNATI
Miami DE Collins Acheampong, r-Fr. — UCLA
Miami DT Jamil Burroughs, Gr.
Miami RB Trevonte’ Citizen, r-So.
Miami DB Demetrius Freeney, Jr.
Miami QB Jayden George, Gr.
Miami TE Dominic Mammarelli, Gr.
Miami DE Cyrus Moss, r-So.
Miami LB Marcellius Pulliam, So.
Miami LB Kaleb Spencer, So.
Miami OL Chris Washington, r-So.
North Carolina DT Kedrick Bingley-Jones, Gr. — MISSISSIPPI STATE
North Carolina QB Jefferson Boaz, Gr. — STEPHEN F. AUSTIN
North Carolina LB Jalen Brooks, Gr. — CAMPBELL
North Carolina LB Randy “Deuce” Caldwell, r-Jr.
North Carolina OL Chance Carroll, Gr. — GEORGIA SOUTHERN
North Carolina WR/KR Tychaun Chapman, r-So. — MARSHALL
North Carolina LB Sebastian Cheeks, r-So. — WISCONSIN
North Carolina S Ayden Duncanson, r-Fr.
North Carolina OG DJ Geth, r-Fr.
North Carolina WR Andre Greene Jr., r-So. — VIRGINIA
North Carolina QB Tad Hudson, r-Fr. — COASTAL CAROLINA
North Carolina OL Justin Kanyuk, r-So. — GEORGIA SOUTHERN
North Carolina P Cole Maynard, r-Jr. — WESTERN KENTUCKY
North Carolina RB/KR George Pettaway, r-So. — JAMES MADISON
NC State DT Nick Campbell, r-So.
NC State WR Josh Crabtree, Gr. — MURRAY STATE
NC State S Darius Edmundson, Gr. — UNC PEMBROKE
NC State CB Nate Evans, r-Jr. — DELAWARE
NC State WR/CB Christopher Scott Jr., Gr. — AUSTIN PEAY
NC State TE Fred Seabrough Jr., r-Jr. — (switching to basketball)
NC State LB Daejuan Thompson, r-So.
NC State LB Patrick Turner, r-Jr.
NC State LB Torren Wright, r-So. — TEMPLE
Pittsburgh OL Trey Anderson, r-Jr. — UTAH STATE
Pittsburgh DE Antonio Camon, r-Fr.
Pittsburgh WR Addison Copeland III, r-So.
Pittsburgh OL/DT Dorien Ford, r-Jr.
Pittsburgh S Stephon Hall, r-Jr. — YOUNGSTOWN STATE
Pittsburgh RB TJ Harvison, r-Fr.
Pittsburgh LB Aydin Henningham, Gr. — ALBANY STATE
Pittsburgh WR Lorenzo Jenkins, r-So. — BETHUNE-COOKMAN
Pittsburgh S Buddy Mack III, Gr. — SOUTH CAROLINA
Pittsburgh TE Cole Mitchell, r-Jr.
Pittsburgh WR Israel Polk, r-Fr.
Pittsburgh DB Jahvante Royal, r-Sr.
Syracuse OL Jayden Bass, r-Fr.
Syracuse WR Bryce Cohoon, r-Fr.
Syracuse RB Ike Daniels, r-Fr. — TOWSON
Syracuse DB Malcolm Folk, r-Jr. — KENT STATE
Syracuse LB Khalib Gilmore, r-Jr.
Syracuse DL Ty Gordon, r-Fr.
Syracuse RB Deston Hawkins, r-Jr.
Syracuse LB Josiah Jeffery, r-Fr. — ANDERSON (D2)
Syracuse WR Isaiah Jones, Gr. — NEW MEXICO
Syracuse QB Luke MacPhail, Gr. — UTAH TECH
Syracuse TE Steven Mahar Jr., Gr.
Syracuse LB Mekhi Mason, r-So. — LOUISIANA TECH
Syracuse DE Francois Nolton Jr., r-So.
Syracuse DB Bralyn Oliver, r-Jr.
Syracuse RB Muwaffaq Parkman, r-Fr.
Syracuse CB Quan Peterson, r-So.
Syracuse DB Jakobie Seabourn, Jr.
Syracuse DE Jalil Smith, r-Fr. — (STAYING AT SYRACUSE)
Virginia LB Sam Brady, Gr. — BARTON (D2)
Virginia RB Cody Brown, r-Jr.
Virginia S Devin Clark, r-Fr.
Virginia CB Ant Fisher, r-So. — GARDEN CITY CC
Virginia RB Amaad Foston, r-Jr. — HAMPTON
Virginia CB Dave Herard, Gr.
Virginia DE Jonathan Horton, Gr.
Virginia OL Snoop Leota-Amaama, r-So. — NEVADA
Virginia TE Joshua Rawlings, Gr. — HOWARD
Virginia CB William Simpkins III, r-Jr.
Virginia S Carlo Thompson, r-So.
Virginia Tech S Davion Ames, r-So. (DNP in 2023)
Virginia Tech OL Gabriel Arena, r-Fr.
Virginia Tech LB Tavorian Copeland, r-Fr.
Virginia Tech S Antonio Cotman Jr., r-Fr.
Virginia Tech OL Johnny Dickson, r-So. — NORTH TEXAS
Virginia Tech RB/KR Bryce Duke, Jr. — OLD DOMINION
Virginia Tech DB Ny’Quee Hawkins, Gr. (DNP in 2023)
Virginia Tech OC Jack Hollifield, r-Jr.
Virginia Tech OL Hunter McLain, r-So. — JAMES MADISON
Virginia Tech RB Tralon Mitchell, r-Fr.
Virginia Tech WR Christian Moss, r-Jr. (DNP in 2023) — KENNESAW STATE
Virginia Tech QB Dylan Wittke, r-Fr. — MINNESOTA
Wake Forest OC/OG Christian Forbes, Gr. — HOWARD
Wake Forest DL Elijah Hall, r-So. — LIBERTY

NOTE: Eligibility listed is for upcoming (2024) season.