ACC/NC Football Updates (May 2024):

NFL Teams Secure ACC/NC Prospects With
Free-Agent Contracts, Minicamp Invitations

By David Glenn
North Carolina Sports Network

In the aftermath of the 2024 National Football League draft, hundreds of college football players signed contracts with NFL teams as undrafted free agents, and many others accepted invitations to one or more NFL minicamps.

Many of those players played in the Atlantic Coast Conference and/or for a North Carolina-based college football program during the 2023 season.

Those players are listed below, along with a few professional prospects who previously played with an ACC or NC-based college program but finished their careers at a different university.

Whereas a player who signs a contract as an undrafted free agent becomes contractually tied to that NFL franchise, those without contracts can accept invitations to multiple rookie minicamps. Some NFL teams will conduct their 2024 rookie minicamp in the May 3-5 range, while most will conduct it in the May 10-12 timeframe, which enables some players to attend two different rookie minicamps.

Players who impress at rookie minicamp sometimes are signed to contracts as undrafted free agents and invited to attend a team’s mandatory minicamp. Those are all held within the first two weeks of June.


Boston College

OC/OG Kyle Hergel*, New Orleans Saints
S John Pupel, New England Patriots


CB Sheridan Jones, Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles
S Jalyn Phillips*, Los Angeles Chargers
OC Will Putnam*, Las Vegas Raiders


CB Al Blades Jr.*, New York Jets
WR Jalon Calhoun, Detroit Lions
DT Ja’Mion Franklin*, Baltimore Ravens
WR Jarett Garner*, Kansas City Chiefs (East Carolina)
OT Jake Hornibrook, Indianapolis Colts
CB Myles Jones*, New York Jets
S Jeremiah Lewis, New York Giants
P Porter Wilson, Green Bay Packers

Florida State

LB Kalen DeLoach*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
S Akeem Dent*, Los Angeles Chargers
LB Amari Gainer*, Las Vegas Raiders (North Carolina)
RB Anthony Grant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Nebraska)
DT Fabien Lovett Sr.*, Kansas City Chiefs
RB DJ Williams*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Arizona)

Georgia Tech

TE Luke Benson*, Los Angeles Chargers
TE Dylan Leonard*, Denver Broncos
LB Paul Moala, Chicago Bears


CB Storm Duck*, Miami Dolphins
OC Bryan Hudson*, Detroit Lions
OT Eric Miller*, Cincinnati Bengals
QB Jack Plummer*, Carolina Panthers
OT Willie Tyler*, New York Jets


LB KJ Cloyd*, Minnesota Vikings
OG Javion Cohen*, Cleveland Browns
CB Te’Coury Couch*, Buffalo Bills
DT Branson Deen*, Buffalo Bills
WR Tyler Harrell*, New York Jets
DT Leonard Taylor III*, New York Jets

North Carolina

OT William Barnes, New York Giants
RB British Brooks*, Houston Texans
S Don Chapman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
WR Beau Corrales, New England Patriots (SMU)
CB Storm Duck*, Miami Dolphins (Louisville)
DT Tomari Fox*, Las Vegas Raiders
LB Amari Gainer*, Las Vegas Raiders
OC/OG Avery Jones*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ECU/Auburn)
DT Myles Murphy*, Arizona Cardinals
OT Spencer Rolland*, Minnesota Vikings

NC State

QB Brennan Armstrong, Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs
CB Shyheim Battle, New York Jets
WR Devin Carter*, Carolina Panthers (West Virginia)
DE Savion Jackson*, Los Angeles Chargers
CB Robert Kennedy*, Los Angeles Chargers
PK Brayden Narveson*, Tennessee Titans
TE Trent Pennix*, Indianapolis Colts
LS Joe Shimko*, Arizona Cardinals


DT Tyler Bentley, Miami Dolphins
TE Malcolm Epps, Indianapolis Colts
OC/OG Jake Kradel, Indianapolis Colts
QB Kedon Slovis*, Indianapolis Colts (USC/BYU)
CB AJ Woods*, Washington Commanders


TE Luke Benson, Los Angeles Chargers (Georgia Tech)
S Isaiah Johnson*, Miami Dolphins
DB Jason Simmons Jr., Buffalo Bills



Virginia Tech

WR Cole Beck, Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets
OC Bryan Hudson*, Detroit Lions (Louisville)
DT Mario Kendricks, Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins
OC/OG Doug Nester*, Minnesota Vikings (West Virginia)
DE Pheldarius Payne*, Houston Texans
DT Norell Pollard*, Washington Commanders

Wake Forest

DE Rondell Bothroyd*, Buffalo Bills (Oklahoma)
S Chelen Garnes*, Detroit Lions
QB Sam Hartman*, Washington Commanders (Notre Dame)
LB Jacob Roberts, Philadelphia Eagles


Appalachian State

CB Tyrek Funderburk*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
LB Andrew Parker Jr.*, Jacksonville Jaguars
OC/OG Bucky Williams*, Los Angeles Chargers

Barton (D2)

WR Kam Johnson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
RB Jordan Terrell, Tennessee Titans

Campbell (FCS)

OT Mike Edwards*, Buffalo Bills
OT Tyler McLellan*, Los Angeles Chargers


DE Eyabi Okie-Anoma*, Kansas City Chiefs
OT Jasper Parks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
LB Julius Welschof*, Pittsburgh Steelers

East Carolina

WR Jarett Garner*, Kansas City Chiefs
WR Jaylen Johnson*, Los Angeles Chargers
OC/OG Avery Jones*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (UNC/Auburn)
LB Jeremy Lewis*, New York Jets
S Julius Wood*, Dallas Cowboys

North Carolina A&T (FCS)

WR Taymon Cooke, New York Jets
LB Jacob Roberts, Philadelphia Eagles (Wake Forest)
OT Tairiq Stewart, New England Patriots

NC Central (FCS)

DB Brandon Codrington, New York Jets

Western Carolina (FCS)

CB Rod Gattison*, Tennessee Titans
OT Tyler Smith*, Los Angeles Chargers
WR David White Jr.*, Jacksonville Jaguars

Winston-Salem State (D2)

WR RJ Mobley, Chicago Bears

NOTE: We are following more than 100 former ACC/NC players, and these lists can change frequently. If you see an error or omission, please let us know with an email: [email protected]. Thank you!