ACC In 2024 NCAA Tournament

Get To Know The Final Four-Bound NC State Wolfpack(s):
Our 1-On-1s With DJ Burns, DJ Horne, Kevin Keatts, Wes Moore, Much More

By Mike Waddell
North Carolina Sports Network

Since the launch of the North Carolina Sports Network last summer, our favorite guests have included a handful from NC State, including star forward DJ Burns, star guard DJ Horne, men’s basketball coach Kevin Keatts, women’s basketball coach Wes Moore and legendary Wolfpack point guard Chris Corchiani.

Our 1-on-1 interviews with those five fascinating subjects occurred in relaxed settings, away from the narrowly tailored mechanics of many pre-game or post-game press conferences, and without the need to ask many (if any) questions about the Pack’s most recent game or its upcoming matchup.

Instead, those settings enabled us to get to know Burns, Horne, Keatts, Moore and Corchiani much better personally.

Do you know where Burns says he got his bigger-than-life personality?

Do you know which ACC team Horne rooted for most as a youngster growing up in Cary, N.C.? (Hint: It was NOT the Wolfpack.)

Did you know that Keatts was an outstanding multi-sport athlete himself back in the day, and that his coaching background includes having to put together successful teams despite extremely high annual roster turnover? (Reminder: State’s top seven players this season are ALL major college transfers — NONE of the other 70 ACC champions was built that way — and five of them are playing their first season for the Wolfpack.)

Did you know that Moore actually started out coaching men’s basketball, or why he left a comfortable, successful situation at Chattanooga 13 years ago to take the job at NC State, which he has turned into a three-time ACC champion and 2024 Final Four team?

Did you know that Corchiani played for legendary State coach Jim Valvano, has lived in Raleigh and stayed close to the Wolfpack program for decades, and was optimistic about the 2023-24 Pack’s chances even way back in the preseason?

Below are quick links to those 1-on-1 interviews, plus our very recent video reviews (featuring award-winning broadcaster/journalist David Glenn, who created the ACC Sports Journal and back in the 1990s and has been covering the league for 37 years) of many of the Wolfpack’s victories during the team’s stunning, ongoing nine-game winning streak.


Sixth-Year Senior Forward DJ Burns

Fifth-Year Senior Guard DJ Horne

Seventh-Year Wolfpack Men’s Basketball Coach Kevin Keatts

11th-Year Wolfpack Women’s Basketball Coach Wes Moore

Legendary NC State Point Guard Chris Corchiani

NC State Is Headed To The Final Four (Wolfpack Over Duke)

NC State Is Headed To The Elite Eight (Wolfpack Over Marquette)

NC State Wins The ACC Tournament (DG Court-Side In Washington, D.C.)